Mental Paralysis Erotic Hypnosis - Hands Free Pleasure for Boys

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Hello my listeners, I hope you are well.
I do apologize for the slower upload schedule; I assure you that I'm not dead and that I never went away, I simply have a lot of requests to satisfy on my Patreon all the time and I'm trying my best to not leave out any of the platforms I'm on.
Thank you all so much for the positive feedback on my last video, your kind words in the comments are very appreciated and I always make sure to read them all.
Sometimes it's scary to upload on here because TOS is stricter and you never know when something is okay or not, just one more reason why I'm more comfortable on Patreon, though I understand the money barrier is a limit for many.
I'm talking too much again, aren't I? I should let my voice do that instead, so here's what this fantasy is about, originally a Patreon-only file from June 2020, for a male audience:
"I’ve been fantasizing of a situation where you helplessly enslave me into a trance, finding myself slowly becoming paralyzed under your spell. As I fall under your spell, I find myself becoming paralyzed, but not in the normal way. My muscles become more and more rigid, straining to move my arms, legs, back, abs, and every muscle in my body is working to escape this state of mental paralysis. And while this control you have over produces fear, it also arouses me more and more, as my muscles become more and more rigid. Finally it feels as if my manhood is going to explode as you command an intense hands free release..., afterward, you put your new slave away into a deep peaceful sleep, until the next time you take it out for your amusement."

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